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Snapchat Official App For Windows Phone – Will It Ever Come Out?


Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of upgrades and updates for their mobile phone OS.

The company has been working on ways to get the Windows 10 Mobile OS popular, and while they have tried everything from helping out Nokia to buying them, and even launching an all out attack on the iOS and Android devices by releasing a massive number of cross-platform apps, Microsoft has not been as successful as they’d have wanted to be in the mobile phone markets.

The company has been innovating the way their devices work, and has been trying to introduce more changes in the Windows Phone markets. The biggest problem that the company faces is the absence of many major apps in the Windows Phones.

One of the biggest names that has been missing from the Windows Phone OS has been that of Snapchat.

Snapchat has been a company which has been coming out with several updates and upgrades for their users over the years, and has now become one of the biggest forces when it comes to the world of communication technology. With over 400 million users using their application, Snapchat has now become a force to reckon with in the markets.

The company is already locking horns with the who’s who of the markets and has been giving Facebook a run for their money.

Facebook vs Snapchat has been an interesting battle as Snapchat, with just 400 million users is giving a tough competition to Facebook with 1.6 Billion users. Both the companies manage to get the same number of video views despite the massive difference in user base.

Both, Snapchat and Facebook are getting 8 Billion vide views per day. This is especially baffling for Facebook as the company has been pushing their video based content very actively.

Snapchat has been one of these names who have been missing from the Windows Phone OS. However, users of the Windows Phone devices used to have a workaround for the same, in the form of Specter – a Snapchat emulator app.

However, as of 10th of March, specter too has been pulled down from the Windows Store. Many such third-party emulator apps are being pulled down, and specter has been one of them. Many users are also getting banned from using Snapchat for life if they’re found out on Specter.