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Snapchat Beta APK Update Brings Bugs Fixes for Christmas


Snapchat is an amazing app that makes it really fun to interact with friends and family members. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, everything that people post on Snapchat gets automatically deleted after a span of 24 hours. This is a unique feature and it encourages people to act silly in the pictures and videos that they post.

The only way that someone can save a picture is by screenshotting it, but this doesn’t usually go too well because Snapchat automatically notifies people when their photos are being screenshotted and by who. Leaving these cool features aside, the reason we are talking about Snapchat today is because a new update has been made available.

Snapchat Beta APK

The latest version of Snapchat sports the “ Beta” build number and the APK edition of it has been recently been published. Eager Snapchat users can update their app and benefit from all the bug fixes and performance improvements that it contains.

Bug Fixes and Performance Tweaks

While most updates are focused on introducing new and cool features, this latest APK focuses more on improving the already premium user experience that Snapchat offers. Therefore, Snapchat fans who decide to enroll in the Beta Program and to get this new update should be happy to know that their app will run faster than usual.

Talking about the Beta Program, Snapchat allows almost everyone to enroll in it. The only thing that Snapchat asks in return for giving people access to the latest updates weeks ahead of everyone else is for them to provide the developer team with solid feedback.

There are aren’t that many app developers who pay so much attention to what the community is saying and this makes Snapchat truly special. The developers are always listening to the complaints users have and they fix these issues by releasing APK updates.