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Slack Plans To Make Search Easier To Use With Search Filters


Slack’s search feature ate getting another update, the introduction of filters. This aims to make search a little more granular to find the right answers.

The company also stated that searches would become more personalized. This whole thing is an attempt to get the right files or conversations quickly.

As companies grow, the sheer amount of information that ends up in Slack will also grow.

This means that the right information will become more and more difficult to access and if Slack remains as a simple internal communications product it’s going to have to lean on improvements and changes.

Slack is 70% faster on the back end

According to the company, Slack is now 70% faster on the back end.

Users will be able to filter search results by channels, files and more. Slack is trying to limit the changes to what’s happening in front of users.

For instance, Slack threads have been in development for more than a year before the company finally rolled out the long-awaited feature.

Slack now has about 8 million daily active users with 3 million paid users.

Slack is still popular with smaller companies

The app is definitely still popular with smaller companies that are searching for something more manageable than the more robust and sophisticated tools that are already on the market.

There are startups that are trying to pick away at other parts of the employee communication channels. Such a startup is Slite, and its main target is to be a simple notes tool similar to Slack but for different parts of the employee experience.

There are also larger companies that are looking to tap the demand for these kinds of tools such as Microsoft’s Teams.