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Skagen Reveals Falster 2 with a Refreshed Design and Better Features


Skagen is one of the most successful watch companies in the world and therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that the company has been equally successful in the smartwatch industry as well. Falster is the company’s bestselling smartwatch and it looks like Skagen wants the device to keep on ruling the wearables market by launching a revamped version of it. The new Falster runs on Wear OS and it features a minimalistic look that makes it great for all occasions.

Falster 2

The new watch is called Falster 2 and it has been revealed today. As you would expect from a new device, Falster 2 comes with a lot of improvements when compared to the previous model and this includes a heart-rate sensor, support for NFC payments and GPS. However, the best thing about Falster 2 is that it keeps that minimalistic design that the previous model was known for.

Minimalist Design

Falster 2 ships with slim display bezels that make the display pop up. Even though the previous model also featured slim bezels, the ones on Falster 2 are even slimmer! To make things even better, the new smartwatch is equipped with a case that is 2mm smaller than the previous model and this makes the 1.19-inch display look bigger than ever.


Another cool thing about Falster 2 is the fact that Skagen says its swim proof. The smartwatch will now feature two customizable buttons that can be used to access apps and the magnetic mesh strap can be used to adjust the fit.

Price and Launch Date

Skagen reports that Falster 2 will hit the markets on September 12th and that it will sport a price tag of $275. The smartwatch will be bundled with silicone/leather straps and it will feature the Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor.