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SHAREit – There’s No Better Way To Share Files on Android


A big advantage to having a smartphone in your pocket at all times is being able to share files with your friends and work colleagues. There are many workplaces which require employees to share files such as documents which contain valuable information and therefore, installing an app which excels at transferring data from one smartphone to another is necessary.


Today we are going to talk about SHAREit because this is one of the best Android apps when it comes to transferring data. SHAREit has been specially designed to transfer important information such as Word documents, but this is not where things end because SHAREit can also transfer fully installed apps, videos, GIFs and much more.

Sharing Funny Pictures and Images

One of the coolest things about the internet is watching hilarious videos to finding funny memes that will bring a smile to your face. This is why many people love sharing this type of content with their friends and family members. Fortunately for SHAREit users, the app can send pictures, GIFs, videos and other hilarious types of content in a matter of seconds.

Handling Private Information

Even though most people are going to use SHAREit to transfer funny pictures and documents, the app can also be used for information such as contacts, schedules, emails and also notes.

Considering that this type of information is private, SHAREit guarantees that no one other than the recipient will be able to see the files. With that said, SHAREit is the ideal app for Android users who put a high price on their privacy.

Free to Use

The last thing we need to mention about SHAREit is that it’s completely free to use. Although, the inexistent price tag shouldn’t fool readers because SHAREit still features a premium user experience that is constantly being improved through constant updates.


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