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Scorpio, PS4 Pro and 4K Resolution latest leaks and specs


Phil Spencer has been working at Microsoft for 28 years now, so it’s probably a good idea to ask him about their strategy and to find out some more details about their decision. He is now leading the engineering teams and the global creative team at Xbox and participated in the launch of Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But let’s see what he declared for Gamespot.

First of all, he said that the fact that Sony has just announced the release of their new PS4 Pro does not affect their plans for their Xbox Scorpio model at all, even if this takes place a year before their own release. He also said that the plans for the Xbox One S and Scorpio’s designs have been started more than two years ago.

Second of all, many people appreciated his honesty when he agreed that Sony did a great job with their new console and that their own team had planned to offer pretty much the same performance. That was until they thought about including the 4K player functionality, which brought a major difference.


When asked about the fact that people criticized the company for moving on too quickly with the Project Scorpio and not letting Xbox One S achieve full success on the market, he explained that he think people would enjoy the product more when they get their hands on it, not through pics and videos. Moreover, it seems that the One S already managed to bring enough profit and sales so as to give them the freedom to move to the next model.

About the company’s relationship with the gamers, Phil declared that he is happy that gamers are always honest and speak their minds, which further helps them in developing better products to cater to their needs.


  1. you seem to have missed the real reason for the existence of the PS4Pro, its all about PSVR (virtual reality) and not 4K.
    Didn’t you pickup on the checky references to the Metrics movies when Sony used the development code names of ‘Neo’ when referring to the PS4 Pro and ‘Murphies’ when referring to the PSVR? the two are meant to work together in virtual reality, and any benefits the PS4Pro gets with UHD TV’s is just a bonus.
    as for the xbox one Scorpio (which again is a checky reference by MS to the future release date i.e. ‘November’ 2017) is just a marketing tactic used by MS to slow further PS4 sales (which currently sits a 60Million units compared to Xbox one at 20million units sold).

  2. They didn’t give Sony any time at all. The Neo can’t significantly alter its spec unless Sony want to start again (and arrive later than Scorpio). The processor alone takes months to design and build – they couldn’t change that, even if they could theoretically up the RAM or HD for example.

  3. Not sure what weak game selection you’re talking about. They showed more games than Sony did, and the highest percentage of games they showed release this year. The highest percentage of Sony’s games that where shown have no release date…

  4. There are rumors that the NX will also be around 4 Tflops.
    At this point there´s really no reason to buy a PS4 imho. The exclusives have been very disappointing for the most part, especially compared to the trademark Nintendo quality, VR is a complete turd that will die off quickly and the PS4 is so closed and limited compared to Xbox with it´s BC and Play Anywhere features that it feels crazy outdated. Sony have maneuvered themselves into a tight corner.

    Edit: Gotta love seeing those blocked replies. This far I count three. Come on guys, you can do better than that. Bring the drama! 🙂
    Update: That’s 9. I’ll stop counting now. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

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