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Samsung Upcoming Smartwatch Brand Name Confirmed (Not Gear S4)


This year is proving to be a great one for Samsung fans. Samsung took the tech market by storm at the start of the year when it launched Galaxy S9, but the tech giant is now getting ready to reveal Galaxy Note 9 which is expected to become a best seller. However, Samsung has one more trick up its sleeve and this is going to be the company’s next-generation smartwatch.

Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch?

Even though Samsung has made it clear that a new smartwatch is coming in 2018, Samsung didn’t want to unveil what it’s going to be named as. Samsung’s current smartwatch model is called Gear S3 and this leads us to believe that the upcoming smartwatch will be branded as Gear S4. However, a recent leak pointed towards the fact that Samsung has registered a new trademark called “Galaxy Watch”.

WearOS Replaces Tizen OS

Now that we know what the smartwatch is going to be called, let’s move on to some more serious leaks. The most important information about Galaxy Watch to leak out is the fact that it will run on Android OS. This comes as a surprise since all of Samsung’s wearable devices have been running on the company’s own Tizen operating system.

To make things even more interesting, Samsung’s own AI assistant Bixby has yet to be introduced in Tizen OS and this means that Galaxy Watch will not feature Bixby. On the other hand, Galaxy Watch will receive access to Google’s Assistant which is a high-end AI voice-activated assistant.

Launch Date

As previously mentioned, Samsung doesn’t want to unveil too much information about Galaxy Watch. However, rumor has it that Samsung is planning to launch it at the same time as Galaxy Note 9 which means that Galaxy Watch will be revealed on August 9th.