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Samsung Starts Teasing Galaxy S10 After Finding Out Galaxy S9 is Not Selling That Well


We recently reported that Samsung is disappointed in Galaxy S9’s sales. However, the South Korean tech giant decided to reveal that it generated $52.1 billion in the first quarter of the year and while this number might sound impressive, it’s actually down by 4% compared with last year.

To make things even worse, Samsung announced that Galaxy S9’s sales didn’t go according to plan and that the flagship smartphone is not a success.

Galaxy S9 is Struggling

The fact that Galaxy S9 is struggling on the smartphone market doesn’t come as a surprise since the market is known for being highly competitive. However, Samsung added to this by stating that the mobile condition will “remain challenging” in the second half of 2018. Therefore, we shouldn’t expect Galaxy S9 to sell too many units.

The Galaxy Note 9 Dilemma

We should also mention that Galaxy Note 9 dilemma that Samsung fans are faced with. Galaxy Note 9 is scheduled to launch on August 9th and Samsung fans don’t have any good reason to purchase Galaxy S9 when knowing that Galaxy Note 9 will be way better when it comes to hardware specs and features.

Samsung Teases Galaxy S10

Considering that Galaxy S9 didn’t sell too well, Samsung decided to bring out the big guns and started teasing Galaxy S10. Even though this smartphone is probably going to launch in February 2019, Samsung already wants to get people excited about it. The reason we are saying this is because Samsung hinted that Galaxy S10 will feature 5G network support alongside many other innovative features.

Another interesting thing that Samsung announced today is that it’s adding the finishing touches to a foldable smartphone and that it plans to launch it in 2019. Unfortunately, this is the only thing that Samsung wanted to reveal about the upcoming smartphone.