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Samsung Smartphones are Sending Out Messages and Pictures Without Permission


One of the worst fears that everyone has when it comes to losing their smartphone is the fact that the person who finds will be able to see the entire photo gallery. Well, things get even worse for Samsung smartphone owners since numerous reports that come from Samsung’s Reddit community are showing that Samsung smartphones have a software issue which sends random messages and attachment pictures without asking for permission first.

Samsung Smartphones Send Photos and Messages without Permission

A Reddit user said that his Samsung smartphone actually sent his entire photo gallery to his girlfriend while he was sleeping. The community quickly realized that the people who are complaining about this issue are all from the US and they came to the conclusion that their carrier, T-Mobile US, might be the one to blame.

T-Mobile is Not to Blame

Therefore, the community messaged T-Mobile US about this issue, especially since the network carrier recently sent out an RCS messaging updated. Although, T-Mobile didn’t waste any time and made it clear that Samsung’s software causes this issue.

Samsung acknowledged this issue and made the following statement “we’re looking into it”. Considering that a smartphone such as Galaxy S9 is worth nearly $1000, this isn’t acceptable. Samsung needs to step up and take the blame for this issue and let people know that an OTA (over the air) software fix is coming soon.

The only option that Samsung smartphone owners have at the moment when it comes to avoiding this problem is to disable the default Messages app and install a different one. We advise Samsung smartphone owners to install Facebook’s Messenger app or Android Messages until Samsung announces an OTA update.