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Samsung Reveals Next-Gen Galaxy Watch and Wireless Charger by Mistake


Even though Samsung is the world’s biggest tech company and you would expect it to have a large team of experienced PR people, this doesn’t seem to be the case. The reason we are saying this is because someone from Samsung’s side somehow managed to leak out the upcoming Galaxy Watch. To make things even worse, the leak surfaced on Samsung’s official website which means that everyone was able to see it before Samsung took it down.

Galaxy Watch

Samsung’s current smartwatch lineup is known as “Gear S”. Well, it looks like Samsung decided to rebrand it because the next-generation Gear S smartwatch will be named “Galaxy Watch”. The smartwatch was posted on Samsung’s official website where a press render and a couple of minor details were revealed.

Samsung Next-Generation Smartwatch

The leak showed that the next-gen Galaxy Watch will feature a 42mm panel and that it comes in the rose gold version. The interesting thing about Galaxy Watch is that it looks quite similar to Galaxy S3.

This is bad news for Samsung fans since everyone was expecting that the upcoming smartwatch will feature a more innovative design and a bigger display.

Tizen OS

Another important thing that we need to mention about Galaxy Watch is that Samsung’s Tizen operating system will more than likely power it. Moreover, Galaxy Watch is rumored to ship with Bixby integration which is Samsung’s own AI assistant.

Wireless Charger

Galaxy Watch was not the only thing that was leaked on Samsung’s website, because the person who uploaded the information about Galaxy Watch also posted a picture of the smartwatch’s wireless charging dock which is called “Gear Sport”. In addition, the wireless charger will be priced at $39.99.