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Samsung Patented An Advanced Facial Recognition System


Since the arrival of the iPhone X with its facial recognition system almost a year ago, Android brands have been introducing similar systems. But none at Apple’s level. But this could change with a new (but old) Samsung advanced facial recognition system patent, which the Korean firm developed in 2014 but only recently the company intensified its work on this project.

Samsung advanced facial recognition system aims to outperform that of Apple

With this system, which Samsung is currently developing, they hope to be able to stand up (or even exceed) to Apple regarding performance and quality. In addition to being a system that would stand out for its safety, there is something more, of great importance.

What is surprising in this case is that the company’s patent was registered in 2014. But now seems to be the best time, as facial recognition is one of the most up-to-date technologies available at the moment.

The new advanced facial recognition system employs the use of new technologies

As I’ve said, more than being just a sophisticated facial recognition system, the Samsung’s patent revealed the use of new technology. So, the system would have a biometric camera and near-infrared light, also known as NIR.

Source: Patently Mobile

It would be this NIR that would project near-infrared light on the face of the user of Samsung smartphones. While the sensor will collect the information, the biometric camera will check the iris information, at the same time. So it would be a combination of face and iris recognition.

The patent, as I’ve said, has been under development for quite some time now, but it seems that the Korean firm has intensified its work in recent months.

So, this advanced facial recognition system has a good chance of becoming a reality and getting to one of the Samsung phones in the future, maybe Samsung Galaxy S10.