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Samsung Galaxy S9 Doesn’t Meet Q2 2018 Sales Expectations


The expectations for Galaxy S9 were set really high and it seems like Samsung failed to deliver. Samsung holds the title of being the world’s biggest smartphone company and therefore, fans only want to see the best features and hardware specs on the company’s flagship devices.

Even though Galaxy S9 is a powerhouse filled with innovative features, the smartphone didn’t sell that well and today we are going to tell you why.

Galaxy S9 Doesn’t Meet Sales Expectations

The first thing we need to mention about Galaxy S9 is that just like all of Samsung’s flagship smartphones, it launched at the end of 2018’s Q1 (first quarter). Therefore, Samsung’s Galaxy flagships usually sell more units in Q2, but this is not the case with Galaxy S9.

According to The Bell, Samsung reportedly sold 10.2 million Galaxy S9 units in Q1 2018. This is a great start, but unfortunately, things didn’t go too well in Q2.

The Bell reports that Samsung sold only 9 million units of Galaxy S9. While this number might be impressive, it’s way lower than how many units Galaxy S6, S7 and S8 sold.

Why is Galaxy S9 Not Selling Anymore?

The fact that Samsung’s flagship smartphone is not a bestseller is a worrying trend, but the reason why Galaxy S9 is not selling anymore will surprise you!

The reason why Samsung S9 stopped moving Galaxy S9 units is because the company has recently announced that it plans to launch Galaxy Note 9 on August 9th.

Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is rivaling its own smartphones by launching them so fast and considering that the Galaxy Note lineup has always considered to be better than the Galaxy S lineup, it should come as no surprise that some Samsung fans prefer not to purchase Galaxy S9 and save up for Galaxy Note 9 instead.


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