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Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Integrate The Earphone Into The Display With A New Technology


Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung does not seem to have been seduced by the idea of the “notch” on the screen, so it will have to think of some alternative to further increase the screen to screen ratio. New information from Korea says Samsung plans to incorporate a technology that will allow the display to act as an earphone into its next star smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung might launch its OLED technology with sound broadcasting in 2019 along with Samsung Galaxy S10

Apparently, Samsung is ready to market its OLED technology with “Screen SoundCasting” next year, and the first product will probably be a 6.2-inch display, which will probably be the screen size of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.

This display will take advantage of bone conduction and vibration to transmit sound in the range of 100 to 8000 Hz. Because the vibrations will be very subtle, we’ll be able to hear the sound only when our ear is attached to the top half of the screen.

Samsung already demonstrated this technology at the Information Society event last month.

Vivo and Xiaomi have already tried some similar technologies

Also, Chinese manufacturers Vivo and Xiaomi have used related technologies on some of their last-generation smartphones.

The use of this technology will not eliminate the frames as Samsung will still have to find room for the iris scanner and front camera as well as other sensors.

However, implementing the earphone into the display would naturally increase the screen-to-body ratio, and indicates that Samsung Galaxy S10 will ditch the “notch.”

As far as we know, Samsung Galaxy S10 will come out with a new-generation of Samsung Exynos chipset, for the European market, while in North America will come out with the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC.

Some rumors also talked about a triple camera setup on Samsung Galaxy 10 and in-display fingerprint sensor.