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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Overshadows iPhone X with these two Features


Now that Apple released three brand new iPhones, many people are having a difficult time choosing between them and Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 8 flagship. Although, no one should be surprised by this since the biggest rivalry in the smartphone world is the one between Samsung and Apple, and customers are always forced to pick a side every time one of these companies launch a new device. Nonetheless, today we will go over some of Galaxy Note 8’s key features and see if it has an edge over Apple’s sleek looking iPhone X.

Audio Experience

The biggest difference that people can see in terms of design when comparing Galaxy Note 8 with iPhone X is the fact that Samsung kept the 3.5mm port. Apple surprised the entire tech industry last year when it launched iPhone 7 without an aux port which forced customers to purchase new wireless headphones. However, Samsung decided to walk its own path stick to the basics.

While having the 3.5mm audio port is nice, the best thing about Galaxy Note 8 in this regard is that it offers an immersive music listening experience. The smartphone features an EQ menu which gives people the ability to completely tweak out and optimize the way their smartphone sounds so it fits their preferences even more.

Dual Biometrics

One of iPhone X’s highlights is its brand new facial recognition software. Well, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 comes with a similar feature that’s known as iris scan. Therefore, Galaxy Note 8 owners will be able to unlock their device both through facial recognition and through fingerprint scanning. Having two different ways of unlocking a smartphone can be great especially in situations such as when your finger is wet and you don’t want to smudge the phone. Therefore, Galaxy Note 8 offers the best security technology.