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Samsung “Galaxy F” Manufacturing Issues Will Increases the Price


We previously reported that Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh announced that something “big” is going to launch in the upcoming months. The CEO made that statement during the IFA Berlin tech event and the device he was talking about is the next-generation foldable Samsung smartphone. No one believed this to be true, but DJ Koh went on to say that “it’s time to deliver”.

The reason why the Samsung CEO is feeling forced to drop hints about the foldable smartphone is that reports have shown that Galaxy S9 has not been selling as well as expected. Samsung is probably feeling like its sitting in the shadow of Apple and that the innovative foldable smartphone will help the company get the upper hand.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Even though the foldable smartphone might sound like a great idea from Samsung to try and steal Apple’s spotlight, the folks at PatentlyApple are reporting that Samsung is not going to be able to mass produce the device. The foldable smartphone is being dubbed as “Galaxy F” and PatentlyApple is saying that Samsung’s production issues will have a big impact on its price and available units.

Production Issues

Considering that an innovative device such as a foldable smartphone has never been created before, it should come as no surprise that Samsung was forced to create a special “polyimide transparent plastic film” that features durable clear adhesive. This material is needed to bond the folding glass and there aren’t that many companies who can create it.

Not just that, but PatentlyApple has managed to find out that Samsung is not going to team up with the South Korean tech supplier Kolon Industries and that it will team up with a smaller Japanese company called Sumitomo Chemical. The reason why Samsung needed to change its hardware manufacturer partner is because Kolon Industry doesn’t take “small supply orders”.


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