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Samsung Electronics Works On 7-Nanometer Chips Using The Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Technology


South Korean gigantic electronics manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, revealed that it will commence manufacturing next-generation technology of 7-nanometer chips, the industry’s smallest CPU, to date, with the objective of launching them into commercial production in 2019.

Samsung Electronics, the biggest semiconductors manufacturer in the world, will start this year to apply a new manufacturing method featuring extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) to boost the performance of its ANTE microchips.

The company delivered the news at an annual conference of its affiliate Samsung Foundry, which was held in Santa Clara, USA, at which it also disclosed that it works on five, four, and even three-nanometer microprocessor technologies but only in the trial stage.

Every new generation of microprocessors is characterized by the very small size of its core elements, in this case, 7-nanometer chips which in comparison with a red blood cell, for example, are by 1,000 times smaller.

The new technology will be used to generate more efficient microprocessors equipped with more transistors.

Samsung Electronics will stay above its competition with the EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography) technique for its 7-nanometer chips

IBM said in mid-2015 that it had already started making seven-nanometer microprocessors in labs with the goal of reproducing them in manufacturing factories, and whilst other companies have comparable objectives, Samsung’s statement indicates that the South Korean giant would be one step above its competition in the EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography) field.

Extreme ultraviolet lithography or EUV is a production method based on the employment of extremely short wavelengths of light, as the shorter the wavelengths, the fewer circuits are printed. This technology has been under development by many companies all over the world in the last 10 years in order to lower the costs related to manufacturing very small semiconductors.

With its emphasis on the manufacture seven-nanometer microprocessors, Samsung Electronics intends to consolidate its domain in this industry in the face of its competitors including IBM, Apple, Qualcomm and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), all working on their own 7-nanometer chips.