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‘PUBG’ War Mode Is On Its Way To The Xbox One – We’ll See It This Winter


PUBG’s PC-based players already moved beyond battle royale with the War Mode, so if you’re asking when will the Xbox One gamers get their own turn, the news will turn out really exciting. This will happen rather sooner than later because it’s scheduled for the winter.

The War Mode arrives this winter 

PUBG Corp and Microsoft have both confirmed that the War Mode would reach the Xbox users in winter 2018.

This is built for gamers who prefer immediate firefights over the really long buildup of the core game.

Gamers will parachute into a relatively small circle at frequent intervals, and they will be already ready to fight.

There will also be more places to play. PUBG’s third and more compact map called Sanhok will reach the Xbox One during the summer.

Besides switching to a jungle scenery, the main attraction will be a map that’s just a quarter the size of the original Erangel and that will guarantee that you’ll get to meet your opponents sooner.

Xbox One users will still be behind PC gamers

This schedule will still put Xbox One users behind their PC counterparts, but it will also establish a clear pattern.

It’s possible that you may not get features at the same time, but you won’t have to wait so long for them that the whole hype and thrill of the experience will disappear.