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PUBG Creator Says That He Doesn’t Fear Fortnite Competition


PUBG was the game that introduced the world to battle royales, but then Fortnite took over. Everyone is comparing these games against each other and truth be told, Fornite has the upper hand because it is played by millions of people every single day. However, Brendan Greene who is the creator of PUBG said that he doesn’t feel like beating Fortnite is his goal.

PUBG Overnight Sensation

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene launched PUBG back in 2017 and to his surprise, PUBG became an overnight sensation. Everyone started playing the game and this caused PUBG to become the most viewed game on Twitch which helped grow the game’s popularity even higher.

The game launched on Steam and it generated more than $60 million in sales in only a couple of months. PUBG looked to be most successful game ever made, but then everything changed when Fortnite: Battle Royale was unveiled.

Fortnite Takes Over

The reason why Fortnite was able to surpass PUBG in terms of popularity in such a short period of time is because Fortnite is free to play. Considering that Fortnite is free to play and that it offers a premium-level gaming experience, no one should be surprised that it managed to get 125 million players in under nine months, thus leaving PUBG behind.

PUBG Keeps Getting Better

The creator of PUBG recently went on an interview where he was questioned about what he thinks of Fortnite. Brendan Greene shocked everyone when he said that he isn’t afraid of competing against Fortnite and that he believes PUBG will take over the reigns during the upcoming month because PUBG is getting better with each new update while Fortnite stagnates and this will cause players to get bored of it.

Brendan Greene seems to be confident in his team of developers, but defeating Fortnite is surely not going to be an easy task.