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Preparing for International Business Trips


When a business gets big enough, then international business trips become a key part of succeeding and expanding even further. An overseas liaison can change the game, and the envoys a company sends out must do a flawless job of representing said company. Smiles and polite courtesies alone won’t do here. A certain decorum must be upheld, and many more expectations from the hosting party must be met.

Consequently, if you’re about to undertake your own business trip, here’s a few handy tips to help you prepare.

Avoid Room Sharing

You could think that room sharing is a handy way to cut costs. Moreover, perhaps you might want as little space between you and your fellow representatives as possible. A big hotel in a foreign country, everyone needs to stick together to ensure a smooth experience; no one gets lost if no one is alone at any point.

However, while your intentions may be innocent enough, this line of thinking won’t do. None of you are children being made to share a room with your siblings. You’re all grown adults, and your room needs to be quiet and comfortable to ensure a good night’s sleep for next days business. No snoring, no chatting; you should only be in your room if you’re winding down for the day, so make sure to book single rooms.

Include a Supervisor

A business trip has many moving parts. There’re flights to arrange, hotels to book, taxis to manage, and it can all become chaotic very quickly. After all, everything needs to run like clockwork, so you get to where you need to in good time. Of course, if you and your colleagues are travelling in foreign lands, then Wi-Fi and phone signals can be lost, cutting you off from help or research.

Consequently, it’s wise to include a home-based supervisor for your trip who can collate all the information you need. They can double check that all your arrangements are correct so that you’re not stranded and keep you on task from afar with detailed emails with the information you need. Moreover, they could even sift through travel insurances for you to find the perfect package. All in all, it’s important that you don’t take on too much responsibility and overwork yourself. A successful business trip is a team effort.

Prepare Finances

Just as you need to pre-arrange your hotels and travel plans, you also need to ready your finances too. You can’t just rely on a basic credit card or cash withdrawals as you may not know where the cash machines can be found, nor if your credit card is compatible with foreign means. Additionally, no company should be navigating their business trip by last minute improvisation or guesswork, especially when it comes to money.

However, a multi-currency card will help you in your times of need. More than anything, these cards help you to control your spending in the correct currency. Of course, this will keep you on task and remind you that you’re not undertaking a holiday; meaning those flashy souvenirs and tempting buys will have to be put off. They’re perfect for business too, also meaning that you don’t spend large portions of the time queuing in the bank for a currency conversion.