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PornHub Has Just Launched Its Own VPN Service – VPNHub


If you’ve ever encountered problems accessing online content due to geolocation filters or censorship mechanisms, PornHub implemented its own VPN service, the VPNHub, to help you.

Over the years, PornHub has been cast on an important series of projects, more or less successful. The most recent of these are the PornHub partnership with Verge (XVG) and this newly-implemented VPN service.

Named VPNHub, it works on mobile, laptops or desktops to help you enjoy privacy when accessing PornHub but also when accessing any online content that is censored.

The announcement of VPNHub was made shortly after UK legislation on access to erotic content was tightened by introducing a set of censorship measures.

PornHub launched its own VPN service

The new VPN service for PornHub is far from revolutionary but it is certainly applicable in many scenarios and since it is free for iOS and Android, you have every reason to experience it.

Although it was created by PornHub, VPNHub can be used to access restricted sites in several territories around the globe. So if you want to access a streaming from a service in the United States, you do not have to invest money in a paid VPN service.

“Enjoy the VPNHub protection. With full data encryption and guaranteed anonymity, opt for the most trusted VPN to protect your privacy anywhere in the world,” reads the official description of the new service offered by the renowned PornHub.

With VPNHub you can access any website on the Internet without worrying about being supervised by your internet provider or by the authorities.

PornHub VPNHub is totally free for iOS and Android

If you use PornHub’s VPN service on iPhone or Android, you will not be paying any money without compromising on performance.

On Windows or MacOS, however, VPNHub will cost a $12.99 per month for unlimited traffic. To subscribe or find out more about the new online service, you can access this link.