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Pokemon Quest is Now Available on Switch for Free – Android and iOS Coming Soon


If you are a fan of Minecraft and Pokemon, then you are going to love Pokemon Quest! This is a newly released game that is pretty unusual when compared to all the other Pokemon games. Just like in Minecraft, everything is cubic in Pokemon Quest even the Pokemons! This is why the game’s map is called “Island of Tumblecube”. Nonetheless, the game is available on e-Switch and it will be released on iOS and Android later this month.

It’s Free!

The first thing we need to mention about Pokemon Quest is that it’s free to play. Yes, you read that right! The game is available for free, and anyone who wants to give it a try can download it right now. With that being said, today we are going to check out what gameplay features and what type of Pokemon this game has to offer.

The First Generation of Pokemon

Considering that the game has just been launched, the only Pokemon that players will encounter are first generation ones. This is amazing news because it means that the game developer is looking to release additional generations as time goes on, thus giving players a reason to come back.

Create a Pokemon Team

The primary goal of Pokemon Quest is to befriend more and more Pokemon as players spend their time on the Island of Tumblecube. Players can create teams of three Pokemon and send them out to explore the world and search for valuable resources.

Moreover, the game also features a Base Camp which can be upgraded with items and bonuses that are available in the in-game PokeMart. The reason why players will want to upgrade their Base Camp is because it will change the aesthetics of it, making it cooler. Not just that, but the Camp Base will also seem more attractive to Pokemon, and they will come and join players in their quests.