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Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Reveals the Most Innovative AR Feature Yet


Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and one of the main reasons behind that is the fact that it combines AR (augmented reality) technology and Pokemon. Everyone wanted to catch Pokemon such as Charmander and Pikachu when they were kids and the mobile game gives everyone the chance to live their childhood dream.

Niantic Real World Platform

Nonetheless, Niantic who is the company in charge of Pokemon Go want to take things to the next level and it’s creating a new feature called Real World Platform. The exciting thing about this technology is that it is continually learning and improving, something which Niantic likes to call “occlusion”.

Machine Learning Techniques

Niantic recently acquired a London-based startup company called Matrix Mill which specializes in AR technology. Matrix Mill is helping Niantic develop a special neural network which can obscure virtual images behind real-world objects such as a car or door. Therefore, the virtual Pokemon that are shown via smartphone cameras will be able to hide behind a park bench for example.

Demo Video

The Pokemon Go developer wanted to showcase what this new feature is capable of and released a short one-minute demo video. The video shows us the difference between what Pokemon Go looks like without the new technology and what Pokemon are capable of with it.

The demo video is showing the same clip of a Pikachu running around a room filled with flower pots and the pocket monster manages to hide behind them.

This is a huge step in AR technology and we think it’s safe to say that it will help make Pokemon Go feel even more “real” when playing. On the downside of things, the new feature is still experimental and we don’t know when it will be implemented in the official version of the game.