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Pokémon GO: Shiny Pikachu Might Be Revealed Tomorrow


If you are a Pokémon Go player, then you should know that tomorrow is July 6, 2017, meaning that your favorite game will celebrate its first anniversary. It is not sure what exactly will happen tomorrow, but we think that Niantic is preparing us many surprises and one of them will probably be the “Shiny Pikachu.”

Unfortunately, once the “Shiny Pikachu” will be added to the game, it will take a while until someone will catch it. It seems that the spawn rate of this Pokémon will be very low and you will need to be really lucky to catch it.

Along with the “Shiny Pikachu,” Niantic is probably bringing more new features and options to the game. We remind you that the gym has recently received an overhaul, bringing raid bosses to the game. We think that the developers will introduce some new raid bosses and maybe they will tweak a bit the raid battles so that more Pokémon Go players can attend them.

We remind you that one year ago, when the game was launched, there were many users who were playing it. Unfortunately, most of these users have tried the game just because they were curious, as it was all over the news. This was also the reason there were so many issues with the servers, as Niantic has not expected their servers to be so stressed because of the big amount of users trying to connect to them.

At the same time, we think that the game developing company has not managed well the situation, as they could easily make most of the users to keep playing the game after 1-2 months by bringing some new features and options, which most of the users have been requesting from day 1.

However, let’s keep that behind and just think about tomorrow event and see if Niantic has learned anything from its mistakes. We think that besides the “Shiny Pikachu” reveal, the company will need to bring some new features to the game, such as the “trading system” that it has promised since the launch of the game.

According to dataminers, a new “ONE_YEAR_ANNVERSARY” flag has been detected in the APK file, clearly indicating that a special event will take place tomorrow. We remind you that a code for “Shiny Pikachu” has been spotted a few months back, meaning that it is not something new about this. Also, there have been more clues all over the internet suggesting that a new rare Pikachu will finally make its way to Pokémon Go and even if Niantic has not confirmed that, we can clearly say that this will happen, but the question is: will it happen tomorrow?

Some Reddit users are hoping that legendaries and the double XP/Stardust event will be added during the game’s anniversary. However, there are also some skeptic Pokémon Go players who prefer to not expect anything from the game developer in order to avoid any disappointment.

Niantic knows very well that the Raid Bosses feature has brought many players back to the Pokémon Go and we think that it will try to focus on that. Many gamers prefer to team up with their buddies and destroy monsters and by bringing raid bosses to the game, the developer has allowed them to do this.

We’ve told you in a previous article that there are many raid bosses that can be defeated by just one player, but there are stronger raid bosses where you will need to bring 2-3 more buddies with you to defeat them.

What new features would you like to see being added to Pokémon Go during its first-year anniversary event?