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Pokemon Go – New Update Lets Players Trade Monsters


Pokemon Go is without any doubt the most popular mobile game in the world. The game uses AR (augmented reality) technology in order to give people a chance to live their childhood dream of running around the streets and catching Pokemon. The interesting about Pokemon Go is that even though it’s been a couple of years since the game was originally launched, Pokemon Go managed to remain popular because the developers keep introducing new features which give players a reason to come back.

Trading Monsters

Niantic is the company that is in charge of Pokemon Go and we have to give it to them for creating such a fun game. However, the only criticism Niantic has been receiving along the years is that it doesn’t allow players to trade monsters between them. The annoying thing about this issue is that Niantic doesn’t have any reason to not give players the ability to trade Pokemon.

Fortunately, it seems like Niantic has been listening to the feedback because the game developer has decided to introduce in-game Pokemon trading.

In-Game Pokemon Trading

After years of waiting for this feature to arrive, in-game Pokemon trading will finally be available starting next week. Niantic announced that the new feature is going to be directly tied to a new Friendship system which is broken up into four tiers: Good, Great, Ultra and Best.

Pokemon Go players who want to become friends with someone need to share their Trainer Code and then they will be able to trade monsters whenever they are within a hundred meters of their friends.

Therefore, global monster trading will not be available and only people who live close to each other will be able to do it. In addition, all Pokemon transaction will require stardust.