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Pokemon Go Community Day Event Arrives Sooner Than Expected – Here’s How to Get Squirtle with Sunglasses


This month is going to be an amazing one for Pokemon Go fans. The reason we are saying this is because Niantic is planning to launch the highly anticipated Pokemon Go Community Day event a bit earlier than expected. Fans of the mobile game will be able to complete quests starting this afternoon which will reward them with a cool looking Squirtle.

Players can also capture an adorable tiny turtle alongside the special Squirtle. Things get even better than this since all respawn rates and progression bonuses are going to be increased during the Community Day event. With that being, today we are going to give Pokemon Go fans a few tips on how they can get the cool looking Squirtle with sunglasses.

Squirtle with Sunglasses

Pokemon fans who watched the original animated series should be happy to know that they can capture a Squirtle with sunglasses. This Pokemon is referring to the gang of Squirtles that appeared in a limited number of episodes during the animated series. Nonetheless, here is how to catch the special Squirtle.

New Research Tasks

The first tip we have for Pokemon Go fans is to spin photo discs which will reward them with new research tasks. These tasks will put fans in a special Pokemon encounter and one of them will be a Squirtle with sunglasses.

Tips and Tricks

What many Pokemon Go fans might not know is that they can discard the research tasks which don’t reward a Pokemon encounter. Therefore, we advise fans to simply abandon all research tasks that don’t give them a chance to fight against the Squirtle with glasses because there’s no reason for fans to complete them.

The special Squirtle model is just a cosmetic change and it doesn’t bring any new skills. However, fans of the game who love collecting Pokemon should make sure to get the new Squirtle because he won’t be available anytime soon.