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Pokemon Go Announces Special Research Event for Celebi


The dream of all Pokemon Go players is as Ash Ketchum puts it “To Catch Them All”. However, this becomes quite the challenge since Niantic makes some Pokemon time-limited and players who fail to catch them in their specific period will not be able to complete their list of Pokemon.

Fortunately, Niantic loves to surprise players with Pokemon that don’t usually appear in the game and to make them available for players who complete special tasks.

Niantic Announces Celebi

The reason why Pokemon Go is making headlines today is because Niantic has announced that Celebi will be available to catch starting August 20th, 2018. Furthermore, players will first need to complete special worldwide research tasks before being able to catch Celebi.

Catching Celebi

The first thing that Pokemon Go fans need to know is that they should make sure to enter the game on August 20th and finish the research tasks. The research for Celebi will be available only after players have completed Mew up to stage 3. Celebi and Mew research will work side by side.

No Second Celebi

As previously mentioned, Pokemon Go players have been able to catch Celebi during a previous event. On the downside of things, Niantic announced that they will not be able to have a second Celebi and that they will be rewarded with candy power-ups instead. Nonetheless, the research tasks are still going to be available to them.

Increased Spawn Rate for Johto Pokemon

Another important thing that is going to happen on August 20th is that the spawn rate for Johto Pokemon will be increased. With that being said, players who lack any Johto Pokemon in their collection should make sure to catch as many as they can during the research period.