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PlayStation Plus July 2017 News and Leaks


Sony’s PlayStation consoles are some of the most popular such devices in the entire world. And one great perk of owning one is the PlayStation Plus program that always brings players monthly games that are both awesome and fun. The June 2017 PlayStation Plus program brought along some great titles, such as:

  • Spy Chameleon and Neon Chrome for the PlayStation Vita
  • World Rally Championship and Abyss Odyssey for the PlayStation 3
  • Killing Floor 2 and Life Is Strange for the PlayStation 4

As you can see, all of Sony’s consoles more or less get some sort of new title each month through this program, so fear not if you don’t own the newest one, which is the PlayStation 4. All in all, June 2017 came with some impressive titles. Can July 2017 match up to it? Let’s find out.

PlayStation Plus July Brings Exclusive PlayLink Title

Last week at E3 2017, PlayLink for PS4 has finally been announced. Needless to say, this made a lot of people very excited. This also means that the first PlayLink title is coming in July 2017’s PlayStation Plus program for free, so watch out for it if you want to grab it and play it. According to Jim Ryan, the CEO for PlayStation Europe, this new partnership between PlayStation and PlayLink is bound to offer some incredible things in the near future.

PlayLink for PlayStation mostly includes party games of the pick-up-and-play variety, which are great if you want to have some fun with friends. This collection will have a lot of types of games in it, such as crime thrillers or even puzzles, according to a new announcement made by Sony. The games can be accessed by connection a companion tablet or smartphone app to your PlayStation 4, which is simple enough.