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PlayStation Classic is Launching on December 3rd for $100


Do you ever feel nostalgic and miss the old days when you would have fun all day long while playing on Sony’s classic PlayStation? If so, then you should be happy to know that Sony has just announced its launching a special edition of its original console.

The console is priced at only $100 and it will launch on December 3rd in the US, Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada. Things get even better than this since PlayStation Classic will ship with 20 games.

PlayStation Classic

Nintendo recently announced that it is launching its first online service and that it will offer a bunch of free NES Classic games to subscribers. From the looks of it, Sony has been inspired than this since it decided to also give PlayStation fans a glimpse from the past by releasing PlayStation Classic.

Classic Games

As previously mentioned, Sony will bundle the PlayStation Classic with 20 games. The game bundle will include highly popular titles such as Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII and Wild Arms. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that people who love classic games are going to have a blast once PlayStation Classic releases.

Affordable Price

What’s great about PlayStation Classic is the fact that Sony is not using it as an opportunity to generate profits and it priced it at only $100. On the other hand, this means that the PlayStation Classic will sell really fast and that Sony might run out of units in a couple of weeks.

Another important thing that we need to note is that console collectors are surely going to purchase as many PlayStation Classic units as they can because this console will sell for a hefty price once Sony stops manufacturing it and it becomes rare.


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