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PlayStation 5 Report: Launch Date, CPU, GPU and Price Tag


The internet is buzzing with rumors and speculations about PS5 and today we are going to present you everything there is to know about it starting from speculated release date to what type of hardware specs PS5 will have to offer. The first thing we need to mention is that PS5 is currently under development and that the Sony team is doing its best to not unveil any important details about it.

Launch Date

The reason why we know that PS5 is under development is because Mark Cerny is in talks with third-party developers about what they want from the upcoming PlayStation. This shows us that PS5 is indeed being developed right now and that the developers are interested in what third-party developers hope to see in the next generation console.

The fact that Mark Cerny is speaking with third-party developers doesn’t actually point to a release date, just that it is not that far away. On the other hand, there are two main factors that we need to consider in order to pinpoint when PS5 will be released.

The first factor is finding out when the production for PS5 begins while the second factor figuring out what type of main processor and memory PS5 will use. Speculations show that 2019 is the earliest date that we can see PS5 coming out.


Considering that PS5 will be a true “next-gen” console and that it will represent the best that Sony has to offer, the processor is the most important hardware part about it. Sony is known for working with AMD and the Japanese tech giant is expected to do the same with PS5. In addition, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox is also said to be fueled by one of AMD’s processors.

No Backwards Compatibility

Here comes the interesting part because Mark Cerny pointed out in an interview that his view of a next-gen console is to provide a clean break between machines and to deliver an x86 machine that’s paired with AMD Radeon graphics. While the CPU combability might not be an issue, the problem with latest AMD graphics is that they don’t support graphics combability.

Seeing how Sony is not able to up the hardware power of PS5 without compromising the player community that loves the backwards compatibility program, we might have to refrain from speculating and wait for Sony to come out with official information about what type of AMD CPU it wants to pick.

Graphics Processing Unit

If Sony does partner with AMD once again, Sony will obviously go for Radeon Technology Group’s most advanced graphics hardware GPU which is codenamed as “Navi”. This GPU is not available for purchase at the moment because its in development right now.

The main reason why Sony will go for the Navi GPU is because its based on AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) which means that Sony will still be able to enable the backwards compatibility program. We should also mention that the fact that Navi is not available for purchase right now means that Sony will not start mass producing PS5 until Navi is official out.

Price Tag

Leaving the speculated launch date and hardware specs aside, the most asked question about PS5 is how much it will cost. Assuming that Sony will equip PS5 with a 7nm chip which is way more expensive to manufacture than the already existing 16nm chip, the price of production for PS5 will be higher than usual.

Furthermore, the production cost of PS5 will also be increased as a result of using the 12GB, 18GB or 24GB of GDDR6 384-bit memory interface. With that being said, the price of PS5 will probably be somewhere around $600 especially when considering that Xbox One X is going for $500 and Sony will surely keep things competitive.