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Playdead for PS4 Release Date Soon


Inside is a game that has already been available for the Xbox One console and PC, but hasn’t been yet released on the PlayStation 4. Users of PS4 have been waiting for the game to be released on their console as well – because Inside has received immense praise from critics.

Inside is developed by Playdead which have released Limbo in 2010. Both these games have a raw feeling to them that we can all understand, with similar atmosphere. However, the successor is most definitely not a copy of Limbo, the game having its own great features and ways to keep the gamer on the edge.

So, if you’re a PlayStation 4 owner, you already know you have missed out on this exciting game. However, the developer is finally affirming the rumors on the internet: the PS4 version will be released on August 23rd. Here’s the developer’s official statement: “We’ve been working all through the summer and are happy to finally announce that INSIDE, the follow up to our 2010 title LIMBO, will arrive on PlayStation 4 on August 23.”

However, for the two weeks remaining until the release, Playdead is building up on the excitement by releasing an official PS4 trailer for the game. Users of this console can see how the graphics will look specifically on their console, as well as read some great critics reviews for the Inside game. You can see the monochromatic setup the game has for us, as well as the little boy which will fight off death with the help of the player. The puzzles are said to be amazing and to bend the way you think about gaming on a console. The sound effects are also said to be as raw as you’d expect, the gruesome ways to die pulling out at the player’s heart string.

But let’s stop right there, we don’t want to spoil the game for you. You can enjoy the trailer yourself, and at the end of August, the acclaimed game as well.


  1. Bad move on their part. A lot of PS4 owners have already spoiled themselves because they had no idea it would be releasing so soon. For such a short duration it should have been announced already. I personally haven’t been spoiled, but that is only I did not like Limbo so ignored this.

  2. Should’ve been released at the same time. I’ve already seen all there is to see with this game. There’s no need to buy and play it for myself.

  3. Excellent game, really enjoyed it. More revenue for Playdead is great.

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