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Overwatch Players Can Now Use AI Assistant for Tips (Visor)


If you are having troubles advancing your rank in Overwatch, then we might have just what you need! Visor is a new AI (artificial assistant) analytics service and it has just been made available for Overwatch players who want to improve their skills. Visor offers real time tips and stats that will help everyone play the game at a higher level and get a better understanding of Overwatch at the same time.

Introducing Visor

The first thing we need to mention about Visor is that it’s currently available in the beta form. Therefore, the service will receive many other improvements before the final build is released. Visor only supports Overwatch and the developers are saying that additional games are going to be introduced in the upcoming future.

AI Assistant

Visor will act just like an AI assistant to Overwatch players who want to get better. The service examines more than 150,000 data points in every frame in order to determine what is going on and then it provides the player with tips that fit in the context.

For example, Visor will take into account information such as health, kill feed, ultimate charge, cooldowns and ability members to provide audio cues and text chat that will tell the players what his next move should be.

Available Only On PC

PC players are the only ones who get to test out the new service right now, but Visor will also reach platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One during the upcoming months.

Nonetheless, the developers who are in charge of Visor are saying that they created this service with the goal of helping everyone get better and that they will make it available for free. We added a short one-minute video down below that will give Overwatch fans an idea of what Visor can do for them.

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