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Overwatch Patch 1.25 Rolled Out By Blizzard And Brings New Social Features And Improvements


Blizzard has implemented some improvements in the social experience for teams and introduced balance changes with the release of the Overwatch patch 1.25. Now, after installing the patch, every time a game ends, players can use the compliments to congratulate teammates for their teamwork, sportsmanship, or leadership skills.

When giving out compliments, you will receive EPs

Also, the more praise you get from others, the higher your praise level will be, until you reach 5. The level of recognition will translate into regular rewards.

Now players can also use the squad finder to form their groups with custom parameters.

Personal profiles have also been changed, and now have different privacy settings: “Public,” “Friends only” or “Private.”

New changes in the Horizon Lunar Colony map, thanks to Overwatch patch 1.25

The Horizon Lunar Colony map has received design changes for aesthetic and balance reasons, including more places to cover the points, and flora in the botany sections and other elements have been added.

“We’ve wanted to make some gameplay improvements to the Horizon Lunar Colony map for a while now. The home of the defending team had a problem with its main exit that allowed the defenders to hide in it quickly to regain health while the attackers shot at them without inflicting damage. Since we were going to redesign the whole rear area anyway, we decided to make some more changes based on the players’ comments,” explained the Blizzard developers.

Also, Symmetra has received improvements

After updating to the new Overwatch patch 1.25, the heroes’ defense and attack functions have been merged into one called “Damage,” and about the characters, Symmetra has undergone one of the most significant revisions since the release of Overwatch.

It will be framed in the new damage function and will have a new primary attack, a secondary attack, two new abilities and a new definitive one.

“These changes aim to adapt Symmetra to its new damage function, as well as to make it more flexible and viable in other aspects of the game. Since she is no longer a supportive hero and we hope she can inflict a great deal of damage, the changes are moving in this direction. Now it should be more powerful and interesting for more team compositions and maps, and also stronger in attack and defense,” the Overwatch patch 1.25 developers explained.