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Overwatch New Hero “Wrecking Ball” Skills Unveiled on the Live PTR


Overwatch is a fun game, but things are going to get so much more exciting now that the 28th hero is here! Blizzard announced that the game will receive a new hero in the next major update and that his name is Hammond. However, no one expected the new hero to be a lovable, chubby hamster.

Hammond aka Wrecking Ball

Although, Hammond’s cute appearance shouldn’t fool overwatch players since the little hamster is actually called Wrecking Ball in-game and his abilities are something to be feared. Fortunately, Blizzard didn’t waste any time and introduced Hammond to the live Public Test Real and this shows us the hero’s full set of abilities.

Full Skill Set

The reason why Hammond is nicknamed as Wrecking Ball in the Overwatch in-game roaster is because this is exactly what he does. The trailer for the new hero showcased that the little hamster can turn into a ball and roll around the map which increases his movement speed.

Hammond’s main attack is his automatic weapons which are being called Quad Cannons. However, one of the hamster’s most interesting skills is a Grappling Claw which he can shoot and swing around the map, just like Batman! “The Grappling Claw allows for high-speed collisions to damage and knocks back enemies,” said Blizzard.

Another skill that Overwatch players are going to love is called Adaptive Shield. As the skill’s name implies, Hammond aka Wrecking Ball will receive a durable shield that gets stronger as more enemies are around the hero.

Wrecking Ball can also use a skill known as Piledriver which will make the hamster slam into the ground and cause enemies to be knocked up in the air. Lastly, the ultimate ability is called Minefield, and as you can probably tell, it launches a bunch of mines which will detonate when enemy heroes step on them.