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Outlook Account Settings Out of Date? Here is How to Fix Them


Outlook is an awesome tool to have because it makes it easier for people to manage their emails. Outlooks comes in quite handy for people who use their email for work purposes and need to categorize their emails accordingly, especially when they receive tons of spam emails.

However, there’s something really annoying that always happens with Outlook once Windows updates itself. The update messes up some configurations which cause the Outlook account settings to be marked as “out of date”. Fortunately, there is a special trick which makes this issue go away.

Setting Time and Date

The time and date that appears on the taskbar is not a simple feature and it serves multiple purposes. The Windows clock is used by the operating system to configure every Microsoft-made apps, including Outlook.

Therefore, people who are experiencing issues with Outlook should open the “Date and Time” settings by clicking on the Start menu and then on the Settings app (gear icon). Now, choose the “Time & Language” option and browser over to the “Date & Time” tab.

Set Time Automatically

All that’s to do is to make sure that the date and time settings are correct. If they are not, Outlook users can enable the “Set time automatically” option. After doing this, users need to do change the date by clicking on the dropdown menu and finding the correct month and year.

We should also mention that the time configuration can be manually changed by clicking the hour, minutes or seconds and sliding through the option until the correct time is selected. If all the aforementioned tasks have been completed accordingly, Outlook users just need to click on the “Ok” button and they are good to go.