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iOS 12 Allows You To Report Unwanted Texts And Calls As Spam


iOS 12 includes an essential update for handling spam messages and calls.

The developer website says that app makers are now able to create an app-extension that allows users to report unwanted messages and calls as spam.

iOS bring the Unwanted Communication feature

Apple’s own documentation explains that this feature is going to enable developers to build app extensions that will add an Unwanted Communication feature. This will have to be enabled in the Settings application.

When the feature is enabled, users would be able to swipe left on an item in the Recents tab of the Phone app in order to reveal a new Report option.

In the Messages app, SMS messages will be able to get reported by a similar swipe or a long press on the message.

After you report the text or call the app must launch its extension in order to gather more details from the user.

“When the user reports an SMS message or call, the system launches your Unwanted Communication extension. Your extension gathers additional information from the user, before deciding whether to report or block the number,” Apple notes in the original post.

What’s really worthwhile noting that this is not a first-party feature from Apple, but it’s instead something that the company managed to implement and expect the necessary third-parties to build on. This platform only applies to SMS messages and calls.

“Blocked numbers are added to the device’s Blocked Contact list. Users can manage this list in the Settings app. Finally, to protect user privacy, the system always deletes your extension’s container after your extension terminates,’ Apple’s original notes said.