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OnePlus 6 Might Be Yet Another Phone With A Notch. Tests Suggest It Will Be The Strongest Smartphone Available


After all the news about Samsung’s newest devices, the Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus, there have been rumours about yet another company stepping forth with innovation: OnePlus. They have shown that they are able to sell top-level smartphones at smaller prices than the competition, with the mention that their producing power is by consequence lower.

There have been leaked images of this new device, OnePlus 6, which hint that it might come with:

  • A notch in the style of the iPhone X;
  • A back cover made entirely of glass;
  • The OnePlus’ Logo aligned to the center of the back cover;
  • A fingerprint scanner;
  • A vertical dual camera along with the LED unit.

The revealed information is also enforced by new screenshots showing the device’s results on the testing app AnTuTu. On the benchmark, OnePlus 6 apparently got the score of 276510, which is a new high and even better than Xiaomi’s own Mi Mix 2S (which got 273741 on the same app). Whether you choose to believe these benchmarks as the real perfomance these devices are capable of is entirely up to you, however.

On the topic of hardware, it seems like the OnePlus 6 is going to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a 19:9 aspect ratio screen.

Another thing to note is, on the upper part of the screenshot, in the status bar, the icons are aligned on both sides of an empty space, while those on the right side seem to not even be able to fit properly. It’s unclear how big the notch will be, though, since the screenshots suggests a size similar to that of the iPhone X, while the device photos show a notch more alike to the Huawei P20.

Of course, we’re only stating information based on leaks, as OnePlus themselves have not released any official information on their new smartphone. We are waiting for information and maybe even the phone release in summer!