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OnePlus 5: 911 Calls Is Making The Handset To Reboot


OnePlus 5 is a new device that comes with some impressive specifications and features. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more issues are found by the owners of this device.

We’ve talked about the impossibility to make 911 calls on OnePlus 5 before. In the meantime, the company has claimed that the problem has been fixed. Well, owners are claiming that they are now able to “make” 911 calls, but when they do that the smartphone is rebooting.

This is not very good, especially when you have an emergency and you’re trying to ask for help from the authorities. The good news is that the OnePlus has already confirmed that it has found the problem and it will release a new software update that will fix the issue.

If you live in Europe you might also have the same problem while making an “112” (emergency) call, as it will reboot your device. There are many threads on Reddit where users have been talking about this problem that they are facing with the newly purchased OnePlus 5.

The good news is that the earlier models are not affected about this problem, but we need to remind you that the OnePlus One (running CM13) had the same issue last year.

OnePlus will probably release a new update for its OnePlus 5 sometime in the next hours, which will solve this problem. The sales of the OnePlus 5 will probably slow down, especially after more and more users will get informed about all the issues that this smartphone is facing. Hopefully, we will not hear more bad things about this handset in the coming weeks.

HINT: As soon as OnePlus releases the new update for the OnePlus 5, we will let you know.

Do you own a OnePlus 5 device? Did your smartphone reboot while trying to make an emergency call?