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Nvidia Expands Its Interest In Blockchain – Adds Ubex Blockchain-AI Startup To Incubator


Nvidia graphics card producer which we already know saw a business boost last year from crypto mining demand is currently working together with a startup called Ubex in order to develop a smart online marketing platform that uses AI and blockchain.

Abhinav Agrawal, a spokesperson for the startup, stated that Nvidia accepted the startup into its Inception Program earlier in June.

Ubex wants to make use of the technology in order to help a neural network which is a type of computer program that’s designed to think just like a human being to present in a more efficient manner ads on websites.

The startup wants to use the blockchain technology to underpin its service with data that’s stored in a distributed ledger system helping the network target ads at consumers.

Ubes chief executive and co-founder Artem Chestnov says that the startup uses a blockchain in particular because the essential goals are speed and transparency of transactions.

“Any AI needs datasets to work more effectively and to learn. Training an AI requires a lot of effort. The blockchain base will allow us to attract thousands of sources of information that will be used to enrich our AI’s database and make it faster, smarter, stronger and more efficient,” he claims.

The startup released a prototype for testing

For the moment the startup released a prototype of the platform for testing.

The Nvidia Inception Program aims to offer data science and AI startups enough resources to finish developing and market their products.

The resources include educational and marketing tools and datasets for training the startup’s neural network.

Nvidia Inception Program head Arjun Dutt said that Ubex is included in the incubation program, but also claimed that its use of blockchain “was not a significant factor in our consideration.”

Instead, it’s Ubex’s planned application that caught the company’s eye.

He also said that the vital area of interest is the use of deep learning and neural networks for developing enhanced online advertising algorithms.

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