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Nubia Alpha is the World’s First Wearable Smartphone


It’s been a couple years since Nubia launched a bestselling smartphone, but it looks like the tech giant is making a comeback. One of the most interesting devices to make an appearance at the IFA tech show in Berlin was Nubia Alpha. This device is an Android-powered smartphone that is wearable. Yes, you read that right! Nubia is making wearable smartphones and it believes that they the future.

Nubia Alpha

The cool thing about Nubia Alpha is the fact that its screen bends around the user’s wrist. This truly makes it look like Nubia Alpha is a futuristic device and it shows the true potential of foldable displays.

Even though the innovative smartphone was highlighted during the IFA event, Nubia says that this next-generation smartphone is still in the alpha phase and that it needs some finishing touches before it can launch on the market.

On the other hand, Nubia is highly confident that the wearable smartphone will have a successful launch in China later this year. Let’s hope that Nubia rushes and starts selling the innovative smartphone globally.

Wearable Smartphone

According to multiple reports by people who tested the cool looking Nubia Alpha at the IFA event, the wearable smartwatch is really light. Despite its big size, people have said that Nubia Alpha feels just like a normal watch and that it doesn’t hurt the wrist.

OLED Display

We should mention that the large display which bends around the user’s wrist uses OLED technology. To make things even better, the plastic case of the display features a selfie camera.

Nonetheless, the wearable smartphone features cutting-edge technology and it already comes with features such as fitness tracking, playing music, calls and sending texts. We can only imagine how many more features it will have to offer once the final version launches.