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No Man’s Sky ‘Next’ Expansion Includes Long-Awaited Features


No Man’s Sky was released back in 2016 and back then it was seen as a disappointment after so many years of huge promises coming from the developers.

The space exploration simulator felt extremely stagnant for an endless galaxy even if the developers worked really hard to add more features and enhance the whole experience after the game was launched.

Interest in the game might have dropped substantially since then, and even so, the developers are still working on adding new features that should have probably been there, to begin with.

The next free expansion will roll out pretty soon, and it seems that it will bring lots of new features.

When the game has launched, the galaxy in it was too massive for true multiplayer.

In other words, when you used to share the same universe with the other gamers, there was basically no chance of running into them.

Players found themselves coming across the same planets, and no one could see each other even when they were there.

Adding true multiplayer and more features 

The update will add true multiplayer, and you will be able to team up with your buddies or random travelers in order to explore the universe, take space combat missions or race across the surface on an alien world.

The game will also bring support for third-person view modes. You can customize your character’s appearance and species, and there’s more detail for ships, NPCs, and buildings.

Hello Games also promises improved planetary terrain generation and textures.

This update really looks great and promising but on the other hand that’s how the original trailers looked as well.

Maybe this next update will transform the game into the game that everyone was looking forward to from the very beginning.

No Man’s Sky Next launches on July 24 for PC and PS4 as a free update. The game will also come to Xbox One for the first time on the same day.


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