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No Man’s Sky News – All Alone on an Alien planet


For those of you who haven’t heard of it, No Man’s Sky is an unbelievably large game. It is actually an entire universe that contains 18 quintillion planets (can you even imagine that number?!). Every planet is unique, since through procedural generation they have been created differently. The landscapes of the game are really impressive.

The sky there is green-blue, and the terrain is filled with tall, brightly-colored grass blades. You have a spacecraft around, with which you crashed, and a suit with a computer. The temperature is -10 degrees, but the suit protects you. This is how you land on an alien planet and how the game starts. The starting point of the game is this planet called Toigasaika Naurn. However, you could land on a different planet, since every player starts out from a different spot.

Literally, the sky is the limit in this game, since you can do anything you want, go anywhere, explore everything and so on. You receive little information, thing that might inconvenience some of the inexperienced players. However, this offers you a great liberty. You still have some minor goals showing on the right side of the screen. Also, you receive some kind of gun which destroys rocks and helps you gather resources.

Your first initial goal is to repair the ship you came in, and this is how you start knowing the crafting system used in No Man’s Sky. Not only you will need to gather resources, but you will have to use them to craft new items and new technologies as you advance in the game. You will also meet alien beings and new species of animals. One inconvenient in your quest for repairing the ship is the fact that the inventory is limited, so you’ll have to limit yourself.


  1. I am very interested to see how this game plays out in a large scale…

  2. Yeah, with such a massive game play area, it sounds like you could go days without seeing another real-life player.

  3. It’s so big because everybody is playing in the same universe so eventually you might come across a planet that somebody else discovered. There is about a 90% chance it will be called Planet McPlanet Face.

    I don’t think you’ll ever really interact with anybody though.

  4. It was confirmed by the developer that NMS is a single player game only. You won’t be exploring with your friends unless you consider me, myself and I as friends.

  5. I feel like a 2nd class citizen since I bought the PC copy. That said, I am very interested in exploring in it!

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