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No Man’s Sky Encapsulates Travel’s Amazing Experience While Hunting For New Planets


You have to travel a lot in No Man’s Sky while you’re hunting for a new planet, but fans already know this.

At the basic level of the game’s speeds, gamers will spend about 25 to 90 seconds trying the reach the nearest destination within a galaxy.

It’s true that players also have the chance to skip between galaxies and teleport between some of the locations.

But you still need to sit tight when you hop between planets.

Nonetheless, the trip is always amazing, and it builds anticipation in a totally original way. Fans will know what I’m talking about.

The real-time travel is not annoying at all, it’only part of the game’s own rhythm, something that makes this exploration game feel much different compared to others in the same genre.

Mirroring the real-life travel experiences 

The game searches for the boring part of the travel, and it builds an experience around it.

Our everyday, mundane travel that we see in other games doesn’t manage to reflect so well the way that we handle it in reality, and most games don’t take the opportunity to mirror an actual travel experience with buses, planes, and cars.

It seems that it’s much easier for them just to implement a fast travel option or a teleportation feature even when the distances are minimal.

Travel will always remain a necessary process whether we like it or not, at least during our lives.

It’s similar to a mental exercise, but being able to stare out a window and reflect on things comes as a reward.

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Travel provides a window out of the hectic world

Travel provides us with a rare chance to breathe, reflect, read or just watch the scenery go by.

No Man’s Sky primary travel mechanics encapsulates this mental push and pull almost every time a payer has to move to another planet.

Some players might find themselves bored in that minute of traveling, but it’s actually a great chance to have a break or a KitKat in such a hectic and sometimes a demanding game.

You get to breathe a little and wonder what’s next and this is excellent.

The personal encounters with each planet in the game would be nothing without the anticipation and the visual framework created by travel.


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