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Nintendo Switch Online – Top Subscriber Exclusive Features


Even though Nintendo Switch hit the stores back in 2017, the hybrid console still lacked one essential feature that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 had to offer. Nintendo Switch still needed an online membership subscription in order to compete against the previous consoles and luckily, the highly anticipated online membership subscription has finally arrived.

Nintendo wants to make sure that its fans know what they are going to get for subscribing and it posted a short video that highlights a bunch of features that subscribers get access to and today we are going to break down the video.

Online Play

There are many types of games, but the most fun ones are online. The Nintendo Switch subscription system now brings online play to all subscribers so that they can get together with their friends play. Not just that, but there are some games that require Nintendo Switch fans to play online and the subscription mode now makes this all possible.

Classic NES Games

If you ever get the feeling of nostalgia, then you should be glad to know that Nintendo Switch’s new online membership offers a bunch of classic NES games. The games have been tweaked out to run on Nintendo Switch and some of them can also be played online!

Save Data Cloud

Is there something more annoying than losing your saved games? You have to play the game all again in order to get where you left. Fortunately, this is never going to happen with Nintendo Switch because the new subscription system introduces Save Data Cloud which automatically backs up all in-game saves to the cloud.

Smartphone App

Nintendo also announced that a new smartphone app is launching today. This app lets users voice chat with their friends when playing certain games so that they can synchronize their moves and skills better.


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