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Nintendo Switch is Shipping with Improved Hardware – Nintendo Silently Removes “Unpatchable” Explit


Nintendo Switch was made available for purchase a little more than a year ago, and the gaming system is still new. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that some problems might still appear until Nintendo patches every issue there is.

Nonetheless, a couple of months ago some hackers managed to figure out that they can use an exploit method which allows them to run pirated software, homebrew code and custom firmware on the hardware that Nintendo Switch has.

“Unpatchable” Exploit

To make things even worse, the exploit being used to run the software that Nintendo doesn’t usually allow is “unpatchable”. This means that Nintendo doesn’t have any way of removing the exploit that makes it possible for hackers to run pirated software. On the bright side of things, Nintendo has finally come up with a solution.

Nintendo Switch Improved Hardware

Even though Nintendo doesn’t want to acknowledge this, reports are showing that the tech giant started equipping newer Nintendo Switch units with improved hardware. This information comes directly from SciresM who is a known Switch hardware hacker.

SciresM posted in a recent article that some new Nintendo Switch models that are available for purchase right now are not compatible with the coldboot exploit which previously allowed him to run pirated software.

Nintendo Removes the Exploit

This leads SciresM to believe that Nintendo is silently trying to get rid of the “unpatchable” exploit. Not just that, but SciresM says that Nintendo has used a special system called “iPatch” which modifies the Nvidia Tegra processor to burn new protective code into the boot ROOM, which then removes the USB recovery mode overflow that made it possible for hackers to install whatever type of software they want.

What we can take from this is that Nintendo doesn’t want to let its fan base know of the hardware issues Nintendo Switch has and that the company is willing to do everything to fix them.