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Nintendo Switch and Xbox One Cross Play is Now Available


Having a gaming system is amazing because you will never have to worry about hardware specs. Games are being developed especially for those gaming systems such as Xbox One and this means that people get to play anything they want at ultra settings. The only downside to using a console is the fact that players are not allowed to interact with their friends or family members who picked a different console. Fortunately, Microsoft and Nintendo are looking to set up a bridge between their communities and allow them to play Fortnite together.

Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Cross Play

Fortnite: Battle Royale is without a doubt the most popular game in the world. Everyone is talking about this game starting with popular YouTubers and ending with TV news stations. In fact, there are some reports of celebrities such as Drake, Travis Scott and Marshmello playing the game. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that everyone wants to play Fortnite.

Nonetheless, Microsoft and Nintendo announced during E3 that they are going to allow Xbox One and Nintendo Switch fans to play together in Fortnite. This is great news for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch fans because it means they will get to test their skills against everyone! However, not everyone since Sony is not allowing PS4 cross play.

Sony is Receiving Criticism

Sony likes to boast about the fact that all its focus is set on the PS4 community. Sony is always saying that it’s paying attention to what the player community is asking for, but it seems like this isn’t true. Even though Microsoft and Nintendo have joined forces to allow their fans to enjoy Fortnite together, Sony decided that it doesn’t want to do that.