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Next-Gen iPhone X with 4GB RAM Spotted in New Benchmark Listing


Apple announced that this year’s iPhone lineup is going to be amazing! The tech giant is expected to unveil the next-generation iPhone X which is said to ship with cutting edge hardware specs and innovative features which are going to give it an advantage over the likes Galaxy S9 and the upcoming Pixel 3.

Affordable iPhone X

What Apple “forgot” to mention when announcing details about the upcoming iPhone lineup is that there will be three smartphone models, not two as Apple usually launches. Apple is planning to take the market by surprise by launching an affordable iPhone X that ships with an LCD display panel.

Next-Gen iPhone X Benchmark Listing

Nonetheless, Apple doesn’t want to unveil any information about its upcoming iPhones, but a new benchmark listing is showing us a next-generation iPhone model that ships with 4GB of RAM and a 6-core CPU that clocks at 2.49GHz.

Unfortunately, this is the only information we get, and we don’t know much about this iPhone, other than that it scored 10912 points in the multi-core test and 4673 points in the single-core test.

From the looks of it, the iPhone which made an appearance in this benchmark listing is not going to be the affordable model. The reason we are saying this is because the 6-core CPU that clocks at 2.49GHz is quite impressive, and Apple is expected to equip the affordable iPhone X model with a slower CPU.

Expected Launch Date

Even though we might not have that much information about Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup, the three handheld devices are scheduled to be revealed somewhere in September. Apple has made it a tradition to unveil all its latest iPhone models in September and this means that we won’t have to wait that long until we can finally see what Apple has to offer.