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New VidMate 3.5102 Update – Download Online Videos and Free Music


Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, no one tunes in to the TV anymore. Although, who can blame people for choosing to watch online videos directly from their smartphones instead of having to sit through countless hours of ads in order to watch a movie on TV? There are hundreds of websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion which features endless hours of video content and anyone who has an internet connection can watch those videos for free!

Watching Online Videos

As previously mentioned, it’s basically impossible to run out of online videos to watch. Although, this is not the best thing about streaming online videos because the most important thing about them is that you can find all types of content ranging from comedy skits, news broadcasts and ending with informational podcasts that can help you learn.

The downside of watching online videos is that as everyone knows, they require an internet connection! To make things even worse, people are not allowed to load up videos while they are connected to a Wi-Fi network and then to watch them offline and this can prove to be quite annoying. On the bright side of things, there is a special app that can help everyone watch online videos without needing to enable their mobile data connection!

Introducing VidMate

VidMate is a highly popular Android app that can download online videos. Yes, you read that right! VidMate can take down videos from all websites, even those who don’t feature a “Download” button. Things get even better than this since VidMate’s software is highly optimized and the app can download videos in a matter of seconds. With that being said, let’s check out which are VidMate’s highlight features.

Download Online Videos

Even though VidMate might not be able to load online videos without an internet connection, VidMate can download those videos while the user is at home connected to his local Wi-Fi network. This makes it possible for VidMate users to fill up their smartphone’s internal storage space with lots of cool videos that they can watch while commuting to work or school.

Download Free Music

Another great feature that VidMate brings to the table is the fact that it can download music. VidMate is equipped with a pre-installed MP3 converter that will automatically transform any music video into a simple track. Therefore, VidMate will not only provide users with lots of entertaining videos but also with a way of expanding their music library without having to pay anything.

Latest VidMate 3.5102 Update

Since VidMate is a premium app, no one should be shocked to find out that it receives a constant stream of updates. The latest version of VidMate sports the “3.5102” build number and its available in the form of APK. For those who don’t know, APK stands for “Android Package Kit” and interested VidMate users need to download it manually.

Fortunately, downloading and installing APK updates is a simple task and it doesn’t require any extensive software knowledge. The only thing that VidMate users need to do before being able to install an APK update is to head over to their settings panel and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. All that’s left now is to download the latest version of VidMate APK and double tap on it in order for the installation wizard to start doing its job.

Final Words

We think we made it clear that VidMate is the perfect app for people who enjoy watching videos on their smartphones. Moreover, VidMate will also come in handy for people who want to add more songs to their music library, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for that.


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