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Splinter Cell Leaked On Amazon Italy – Release Date Also Revealed!


Surprisingly enough, a new Splinter Cell video game for PlayStation 4 leaked on Amazon Italy by a vendor called “Outlet┬áVideogiochi” (Video Games Outlet). As it looks like, the new Splinter Cell costs about 100 EUR.

Also, here is the link to this bizarre leak on Amazon Italy to see it for yourself.

Anyway, my recommendation is to take this with a grain of salt since such things have happened before with Splinter Cell on Amazon Canada, for example.

Splinter Cell leaked on Amazon Italy

A vendor on Amazon Italy listed a new game from the Ubisoft saga, Splinter Cell for PlayStation 4. That is exciting news that gives us much more hope.

It looked like a new Splinter Cell was going to be presented during E3 2018 at the Ubisoft conference, but the company showed nothing about the next Sam Fisher’s adventures.

Now, Splinter Cell leaked on Amazon Italy, and as mentioned on the website, the new Splinter Cell will arrive on December 31st, 2019.

How genuine could this Splinter Cell release date?

Obviously, the Splinter Cell release date showed on Amazon Italy, namely, December 31st, 2019, does not mean that the game will come out precisely during the New Year’s Eve, but could indicate that the game will indeed come out by the end of 2019, only that it’s not yet known the exact date.

Ubisoft has not given any official confirmation of this leak, nor has it shown or said anything about it.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything official will come up soon or the Splinter Cell on Amazon Italy will vanish.

For now, with this information, we can have a little more hope about the return of one of the most iconic characters of the video games world, Sam Fisher who can embark in 2019 to a new Splinter Cell adventure.