Home Apps New SoundCloud – Music & Audio 2017.10.25-beta Downloadable APK Introduces Major Feature

New SoundCloud – Music & Audio 2017.10.25-beta Downloadable APK Introduces Major Feature


SoundCloud is a free to use music platform that features a huge music library which contains over 150 million tracks. What makes SoundCloud special is the fact that it focuses on both established and upcoming artists. Therefore, SoundCloud is the perfect place for artists to get some recognition and for people to discover new music.

SoundCloud – Music & Audio 2017.10.25-beta APK Update

The reason why SoundCloud is in our sights today is because the beta version of it has just received a new APK update. This update contains “The Upload” feature which is a game changer. Nonetheless, the update weighs in at 34.51MB and it requires a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Now, let’s get more detailed about this new feature.

The Update

First off, the most important thing that this new feature does is that it makes it easier for users to discover new tracks. The way this feature achieves this is by constantly refreshing the platform with new music. Things get even better since this new music is introduced in personalized user playlists.

Another great thing about this update is that it uses machine learning technology to learn what type of music users enjoy listening to. This is why SoundCloud always makes amazing recommendations that users are bound to love.

Furthermore, SoundCloud’s developers are stating that the more this new feature is used, the more it learns what type of music genre people love to listen to and it starts making better recommendations. This is a great incentive to get people to use the app more than usually.

Lastly, the new update refreshes SoundCloud’s search filters. This is a great addition since it makes it easier for users to only find music that they enjoy and that suits their liking. We should also mention that SoundCloud is certainly going to receive additional updates which will make it an even better platform.