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New MacBook Pro 15.2 with CoffeLake CPU and 16GB of RAM Makes Surprise Appearance in Benchmark Listing


Apple is expected to launch a bunch of devices during the upcoming months such as the next-generation of iPhone X. However, it looks like Apple is planning to surprise its fans by launching a new MacBook Pro 15.2 inch model that is powered by one of Intel’s latest Core iT-8559U Coffee Lake processors.

The reason we are saying the new MacBook Pro model will take fans by surprise is because Apple didn’t announce it and the device made an unexpected appearance in a recent benchmark listing.

MacBook Pro 15.2 inch

The reason why all of Apple’s events are packed with people is because the Cupertino based tech giant loves to unveil devices that no one expects to see.

This adds an element of surprise whenever a high-end Apple device is launched and it gets everyone to talk about it. Nonetheless, there is no word from Apple about when we might see MacBook Pro 15.2 inch, but we do have a good idea of what it can do when it comes to hardware power.

Benchmark Listing

To everyone’s surprise, the new MacBook Pro 15.2 inch model appeared on GeekBench. GeekBench is an online benchmarking website where companies test the performances of their upcoming devices. Nonetheless, the benchmark listing shows us that Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro model will feature a quad-core Intel CPU that runs at a 2.7GHz base frequency and boosts up to 4.5GHz while in turbo mode.

The Coffee Lake CPU is impressive and it will make Apple’s MacBook Pro 15.2 inch a true powerhouse. Moreover, the listing revealed that the MacBook Pro will run on 16GB of 2133 MHz LPDDR3 RAM which means that Apple will not be installing 32GB of RAM on its next-gen MacBook Pro lineup.

On the bright side of things, the reason why Apple limits MacBook Pro RAM capacity to 16GB is because it enhances the battery life of the devices.

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